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Don't want squeaky brakes?

Don't want squeaky brakes?

All electric cycles with hydraulic or basic disc brakes require a "bedding-in" procedure prior to the first ride to ensure the most consistent, smooth, and even braking possible. For disk brakes, the caliper that squeezes the brake pads on either side of the rotor creates enough friction to stop the cycle.

But before you take that first full ride, it is important to apply a bedding-in procedure that will ensure a smooth and even coating of the brake pad residue onto the rotor surface. This procedure will also prevent scratching and scarring on the pads and rotors and removes any impurities from the brake pad surface.


  • Find a safe riding area that will allow for moderate speed. Remain seated during the entire procedure for optimum results.
  • Accelerate the cycle to a moderate speed, then firmly squeeze the brake levers until you are at walking speed. It is important to not lock up the wheels at any point during the bedding-in procedure.
  • Repeat this process about twenty times.
  • Accelerate the cycle to a faster speed, then firmly squeeze the brake levers until you are at walking speed.
  • Repeat this process about ten times.
  • Allow the brakes to cool down before your first ride.

Although this is a relatively simple procedure, that doesn't take much time, it will pay dividends for future rides and can make your electric cycle riding a lot more enjoyable, not to mention, a lot safer.

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