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The HUB - October 2021

The HUB - October 2021

In this edition:

  • Why so fat? The skinny on fat tires
  • Installing the two-piece basket
  • Edmonton's own: The Seven Eighty
  • Tri-Cycle ST & RS
  • Fat Tire Trailers - In-stock!
  • The Growlery
  • Cycle models and colours
  • The New Frontier with Bruce Chisholm
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Barber Ha and The LEGION of Zoom
  • Retail Superstars

The HUB Newsletter is available in PDF format by clicking here.

Larry Hache - 15 Dec 2021 @ 08:52
I just had to say that my 2 friends and I are in love with our Vamoose AWD e-bikes. These bikes can handle any kind of terrain, summer or winter. Coming home exhausted from my ride is a thing of the past; and I will have done twice the mileage. The Vamoose Mammoth rules.

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