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Mammoth FramesThe Vamoose mission is to deliver power-assist-bicycles that will rejuvenate and recharge YOU! 

Whether you are 25 or 75, Vamoose cycles will give you a joy you might not have felt since your very first pedal bike experience. That feeling of freedom, excitement, and energy will continue to increase as you ride, with adrenaline tingling, as you find it difficult to wipe away that big beautiful goofy grin.

That is what drives us, that big goofy grin. Seriously, from our iconic t-shirts to our ridiculously fun ride electric cycles, that is what we are here for.

It will make you healthier. There is ample evidence out there that cycling commuters have a substantially lower risk of developing heart disease and of developing cancer - yes, substantially, as in 46% and 45% respectively. But that's not all, in today's world of social distancing, getting off the bus or transit system and on a bike may be the smartest choice you could make. If your mental and physical health weren't enough, you are also helping the environment. According to the United Nations, riding an electric bike saves carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer vs. driving a vehicle, which can help limit the impact of climate change.

But why a Vamoose cycle? We sell great bikes for a great price!


Behind the scenes, Vamoose has orchestrated the design, development, and manufacturing of our electric bicycles and leaned out the supply chain - providing exceptional products at economical prices. 

Working directly with the factory, Vamoose produces unique, durable rides using high-quality components and materials - like aircraft aluminum frames, BAFANG motors, and Samsung batteries. We don't skimp on our bikes, bringing you quality electric cycles at unrivaled value — often 1/2 the price of traditional retailers.

We also work hard to make the buying process as enjoyable as riding one of our electric bikes. Our team can ship our in-stock bikes to you within a week, but don't be surprised if we don't have many available. These bikes are in high demand, and our pricing model makes them very attractive.


Direct from factory option

If the product you want isn't in stock, your best bet might be to pre-order for a factory-direct delivery. Factory direct, we can have it on your doorstep in two to ten weeks, depending on the model your choose and if we already have one on order or not. I know, that seems like a lifetime to wait, but these are high-quality machines and we are able to significantly improve the prices by holding as little stock as possible. This is an investment that you will enjoy for a very long time, and trust us, it will be worth the wait.

Once it arrives, our team is here to support you during your many years of enjoyment.


We're glad you're here.



The Vamoose Team



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