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VAMOOSE Custom Garage




Barber Ha

The Vamoose Custom Garage was developed to provide customization and character that is as unique as the folks who ride our cycles. Whether it is a personal touch, or a wholesale customization, we are here to make your ride your own.  Starting with a blank canvas or one of our limited edition rides, Vamoose Custom Garage will make your ride one of a kind! 


Supplying the tools and components to customize a cycle, Vamoose delivers the talent and trade to get your cycle outfitted. From tires, shocks, drivetrains, gearing, shifters, motors, batteries, saddles, brakes, lights, displays, wheels, accessories, or you name it - we can make it happen.

Personal Cycle Customs: From decaling, pin striping, and custom paint, to custom components, new-to-the-world custom designs, Vamoose is able to bring your vision to life with its bikes.

Corporate Cycles:   Vamoose offers its corporate customers a way to bring excitement and energy to their brands. From branding our bikes, to complete custom design and alterations, Vamoose can bring your brand to life with its cycles.

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